This site is for those who remember the good times when United or Bally Bingo Pinballs could be played everywhere. The days for these beautiful electromechanical machines are long past maybe, but you can definitely revive playing them again. With next-best-than-the-real-thing Bingo Pinball simulations you’ll hardly notice the difference...

Bingo Gameroom version 3.2.b31
System requirements:
Windows 7, 8 or 10, graphics card required.
Mac OSX El Capitan (10.11.x) and higher.
Big Sur compatible.

Bingo Gameroom 3.2

You only need this program to download, play and update all available Bingo games

• Scroll through, select and play games
• Handles all Updates and new Releases

not available for unknown OS

Other platforms: Mac OSX Windows OS

Some help installing Bingo Gameroom.
Read Bingo Gameroom’s Guide for PinballX users
Book published! 'The Complete Bingo Pinball Simulations Book'. Everything you want to know about Bingo Pinballs and Simulations.

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Building my own Virtual Cabinet

For those who plan to build a real Cabinet

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Expected end of 2021:

Started with porting tables to iPad, perhaps Android as well in the future. It means complete rewriting the source for all 78 tables.

I've made some progress though. Preview